What to look for

No bubbles, bumps, ridges, scuffs, ink smudges, peeling corners, etc. Also be sure the pick a bottle where the label is level, and not crooked.

Avoid glass seams going down the front or behind the labels. Often times this causes issues with the label maintaining its shape, and can cause unwanted shadows, flat spots, or bubbles. Target bottles with the seams on the sides of the bottle that are smooth.

Avoid bottles with defects, color variations, bubbles, residue, or other deformities.

Again these want to be clean. If you find a very clean bottle that has your branded logo or name facing forward on the cap or cork, thats a bonus, but not important. I can fix this in post production very easily.

No tears, nicks, or funky shapes in foil.

No dented screw caps.

If you have a white wine or rosé in a clear or lightly tinted bottle, the camera will see right through it. This means that the back label will be visible and often times causes light to bounce in awkward ways inside the bottle. If you have the time to remove the back label so it does not show up in images, you’ll save a few dollars. Back label removal is $5 per bottle. DO NOT SOAK OFF. A razor blade for removing paint from windows works well and can take up to, or more than, 5 minutes per label. I’m happy to do it if you don’t have the time. Be careful not to smudge or damage the front label while holding. A small amount of Windex on a lint free rag will help remove residual glue.

What to avoid

Vintage Removal

If you release a product regularly and would prefer not to include a vintage year or AVA on the label so you can recycle the photo from year to year, I can likely remove it using magic. Depending on your artwork of the label, some may not be eligible for this service, but most labels do qualify.

Transparent Background

Most websites feature images with a transparent background so that your bottle’s background will be the same as your website’s background. I feel this is the best way to deliver images, as they also work for spec sheets or other advertising needs. If you are more budget minded, a simple white or black background will still do the trick.

Images with transparent backgrounds are delivered as .png files, which preserves background transparency.

All other images will be delivered as .jpeg files.

If you want me to get in touch with your web developer to discuss technical gibberish, I’d love to. That way you get what you need and everything works the way it should.