Well I studied how to light wine bottles in my studio as I was just getting started in 2013. I discovered just how hard it is to light a bottle without getting unwanted reflections of windows, alternative light sources, or anything in the room that was illuminated by my studio lights. It took me a good year to dial it in and understand how light wraps around a bottle, or goes through it in the case of clear bottles for white wine. 

In 2016 I came up with an idea that would change my process forever, and speed up my work flow. Without giving away too many details, I designed, engineered, and built my own proprietary lighting system that allows me to setup in 5-10 minutes, eliminate all room reflections or glare, and most of all, duplicate your lighting style every time I get setup. It’s a perfect marriage of engineering and creativity, and thats what makes me stand out from others. I can guarantee that the bottles I photographed for you 2 years ago will be lit exactly the same as they will be today.

If you are in Northern Michigan near the Traverse City area, I can come pick them up from you. Otherwise you can ship them to me with a return shipping label in the box. If you want to save some money on my services, you can let me keep the bottles for a $5 discount per bottle.

Once you approve a lighting style that fits your brand, I put the lighting settings into a highly engineered system I invented to duplicate your look every time you send new bottles. That way your web store is consistent and professional looking.

To be short, I invented a lighting system specific for photographing bottles or products that allows me to exactly duplicate your look any time I set it up.

I deliver everything digitally in a password protected gallery. You’ll get a link, password, and download instructions with each delivery. 

Yes, all images are delivered with the background removed, so it takes on the background color or texture of your website.

I can add a subtle bottle shadow under each bottle to make it look as if it is on a surface, rather than floating in thin air. Add $5 per bottle for this feature.

See this image as an example

It certainly saves me time if you can send me as many bottles as you can. I’m aware that there are always issues with label approval from the TTB as well as printing delays. The more you can send at once, the quicker I’ll have them done. If you send a few at a time, I may wait to shoot them with other clients to make efficient use of my studio time.

Yes it is. Add $5 per bottle. If you only need it removed for specific wines, I can do it for as many or as few as you need per order.

All images of bottles with transparent backgrounds will be delivered as .png files. This file type preserves transparency from Photoshop. So when I remove the background it will be transparent in the file as well. File sizes tend to get big with these images, so if you need help with resizing images to load faster, I can deliver high rez images as well as low rez images. Or you can put me in touch with your web designer and we can sort it out.

All other images such as portraits or architecture will be delivered as .jpg files. If you need them for printing and online use, I will deliver them in multiple resolutions to ensure high quality when printing, but also fast load times when used online.