My Qualifications

I have a BA in Film and Video with a focus in Post-Production and Editing from Columbia College Chicago.

Immediately following my graduation from film school, I had a job in Hollywood, well actually Burbank but you get the idea. I worked in the film industry for 6 years in California before starting my photography company and concurrently falling in love with the wine industry. My job at 45 North has given me many opportunities to utilize my passion for creative storytelling and also do a bit of networking. Here’s a few samples of my work from 45 North, and elsewhere.

Winemaker Tastings

This is one of 27 tasting videos put together during quarantine to help sell wines online. Each video has a run time of 1-2 minutes and breaks down the characteristics of the wine but also has recommendations of food pairings.

New Release Teaser

To announce the long awaited release of a very popular dessert wine, I put together an over-the-top teaser trailer. It had over 1,000 views on social media within the first 4 hours of launching.

Winemaking Documentary: Start to Finish

To spin off of the teaser trailer above, I spent 3 years following the progression and making of the Northpor+ dessert wine. Every milestone during the winemaking process, I was there to film and interview Jay, the winemaker at 45 North and share the story of how this wine is made.

Promotional How-To video for boozy pudding

Happy Hour Pudding Mix is a Michigan based family owned company that makes pudding mix to be combined with liquor. You’ve got your margarita flavor which is featured in the how-to video above, but also offers 12 more flavors!